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Radiata Pine

MRG specialises in stock and distribution of New Zealand Radiata Pine (Pinus Radiata) products throughout Australia.  We offer a comprehensive range of both dressed and sawn Radiata Pine products, at the same time we are able to cater to individual requirements upon request.

Radiata Pine (which is native to California and classified as a softwood) can be used for many different purposes including construction, furniture, mouldings, trim, paneling, landscaping, decking and more.  Since Radiata Pine was introduced into New Zealand in the 1850's it has thrived and there is now high demand worldwide for Radiata Pine from New Zealand.

In general the heartwood of Radiata Pine is light brown to chestnut brown in appearance and is able to be easily painted or stained if required.  Machining or dressing Radiata boards is also very common as well.


Radiata Pine also goes by the following names: Pinus Radiata, Pinus Insignis, Monterey Pine.

Radiata Pine Boards


MRG Connections stocks a large range of Radiata boards from 42x19 Standard and Better all the way through to 300x75 Clears.  We typically hold at any one time anywhere between 350-500m3 of Radiata at our Brisbane Warehouse (Located at Northgate).  See link below for the full range we stock.

Radiata Pine Grades


We supply our Radiata Pine in five different grades.  These include Industrial, Standard and Better, Dressing Grade, Clears 2 and Clears 1.  Please follow the link below to view a more detailed description and photos of each grade as well as other common names these grades are sometimes referred to. 



Information and recommendations on painting and resin bleed with Radiata Pine.



Much time and effort is spent sourcing the best quality Radiata Pine for our customers.  Reliable and consistent suppliers are a crucial part of MRG Connections' business.  We are constantly in contact with all our suppliers to ensure our high quality standards are consistently met.  View our list of suppliers below.  



A link to Wood Solutions website detailing and listing the properties and other characteristics of Radiata Pine.

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